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Like many who grew up in the '60s and '70s (and perhaps even '80s and later), Tim and Paul had the course of their lives changed by the 1966 Batman TV show, from the types of play they did growing up to their present-day interests.

In this series, they discuss the show's allure and its failures, the arc of the show from satire to sitcom, its influences (the '40s serials and the comic books themselves) and the things it, in turn, influenced.

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May 21, 2015

The PenguinCan you imagine anyone else than Burgess Meredith as the Penguin? Neither can we, but he wasn't William Dozier's first choice! We dig into the first Penguin arc, "Fine Feathered Finks" and "The Penguin's a Jinx". Who are those cameo stars (the jewelry store manager!) that nobody recognizes now? Answers, right here! Same...

May 7, 2015

If you were a "Dr. Demento" listener back in 1989, you undoubtedly heard the song we use as our opening theme, "Adam West" by the Caped Club. The man behind this record, Wally Wingert, has much more Bat-cred to his name than that; his detailed knowledge of Batman's costume isn't even the most of it. This week, Tim talks...